Optic LED Return Policy



Click here to see 60 Day Money Back Guarantee



Returns are authorized under the 60 day money back guarantee 

  • 60 days begins from date of delivery
  • Valid for original purchaser only
  • Product must be in “like new” condition and in original packaging
  • 25% Restocking fee and return shipping cost will be applied


How to Obtain Refund Service

         Purchaser must notify Optic LED of a return  by contacting a Optic LED representative at Support@OpticLEDGrowLights.com .  At this time, the purchaser will be called upon to provide contact info so we can confirm your purchase and provide 5 or more pictures of the light including the unique lot number located on the label on top of the light.  The Optic LED representative will verify qualifying information and, if eligible,will provide more detailed return instructions.  Upon receipt and review of the returned product, Optic LED will issue return credit less applicable fees within ten (5) business days giving us time to inspect and review the returned item before issuing return credit.

In order to process a refund before item has been shipped please notify Optic LED of a refund claim by contact a Optic LED representative at sales@opticledgrowlights.com or via phone at 253-881-1355. If your able to get your order cancelled berfore shipment Optic LED will issue refund credit within 1 business day.



Damage to returned item Policy 

      Upon returning a light to Optic LED if the light is scratched up or lightly damaged we will assess up to an additional 20%. If the light is significantly damaged we reserve the right to ship you the light back and deny your return. 


Contact WarrantyClaim@OpticLEDGrowLights.com