New! Automated Sunrise & Sunset Feature - OpticLED Master Controller

The Optic LED Master Controller is now featuring some a Automated Sunrise and Sunset feature. In the "Timer Mode" you will be able to set what time your light comes on and shuts off. This Mode will also allows you to setup your Sunrise and Sunset feature where you determine how long you want your sunrise and sunset to last and how fast you want the intensity to drop off. Its super easy to setup you just set the time and the intensity you want the light to be set at during that time between 0%-100%. 


         The Optic LED Master Controller is currently compatible with:

Slim 600h

Slim 480h

(More Models coming soon, Commercial orders are now eligible to get the controller ports built into their lights upon special request)   


Here is a video showing some of the basic features including the new Automated Sunrise and Sunset feature. Current eta for release of the OpticLED Master Controller is 2/29. 


 This is the screen where you program in your Sunrise and Sunset times. 


Example Shown: Light Comes on at 1:30AM at 5% Power


Example Shown: By 3pm intensity is up to 30%